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XForms - No Loading on Dispatch with Delay


The idea is to support the xxforms:show-progress="false" attribute on <xforms:dispatch> which has a delay attribute, like we do on <xforms:load> and <xforms:submission>. For instance:

<xforms:dispatch name="my-event" target="my-model" delay="1000" xxforms:show-progress="false"/>


  1. Server - When this attribute is present, when the server asks the client to send back server events at a later time, the server will add a show-progress="false" attribute to the request, as it does on the <xxforms:load> and <xxforms:submission> events. For instance:
    <xxf:server-events delay="996" show-progress="false">X2zt...</xxforms:server-events>
  2. Client - Sends the request to server like it normally does, but after the specified delay.