Long-running form filling

NOTE: This page describes an Orbeon Forms project, not a feature which is currently part of Orbeon Forms.
It may not be possible to complete filling out large forms in one pass. In such cases:
  • Users should be able to exit Form Runner, e.g. with a "Continue Later" button
  • The data should be saved even if incomplete (so possibly invalid) and marked as such
  • An incomplete form could be removed from the database with a "Discard" button



When form data is "saved for later", it is either saved as:
  • the current version, but marked with an "in-progress" flag in the data envelope
  • OR saved as a special "in-progress" version
We will just pick one mechanism.

Continue later button

This button:
  • triggers the save of the current form data as "in-progress"
  • form data is not validated at that point, i.e. you can save an invalid/incomplete form

Discard button

Once a user loads an in-progress version:
  • the form knows it is continuing a form-filling process
  • an optional "Discard" button allows giving up the form entry

Save/send buttons

The regular Save/Send buttons save form data as a regular version.