Group Control

Standard appearance


Internal appearance

When the xxforms:internal appearance is used, the group control does not have any visual representation on the client.

<xforms:group model="my-model" appearance="xxforms:internal">
    <!-- More XForms controls -->

In general you won't have a need for this appearance, but it is useful as an optimization, as it leads to less HTML sent to the client. You may use it when a group is used only to change the in-scope evaluation context for nested controls and when you don't need changes to relevance which apply directly to the group to be reflected in the client.

Fieldset appearance

When the xxforms:fieldset appearance is used, the group control is represented with an HTML <fieldset> element. Its label, if any, is represented with an HTML <legend> element.

<xforms:group appearance="xxforms:fieldset">
    <xforms:label>Group of form fields</xforms:label>