Orbeon Forms 3.8.1.perf PE

NOTE: This page is a placeholder for a future version of Orbeon Forms. As of 2010-09, Orbeon Forms 3.8.1 has not yet been released.


Orbeon Forms 3.8.1.perf PE is a performance companion to version  . It contains all the bug-fixes present in 3.8.1 PE and adds some performance patches.

Notable changes in this release

In this release:

  • The state of XForms pages is serialized less often than before, which can lead to faster Ajax requests, especially when using large instances or a large number of them.
  • Caching of XForms pages is improved so that when identical pages are requested, more information can be retrieved from cache instead of being recomputed.
  • The cache of XPath expressions uses smaller keys, which yields to faster retrieval of precompiled XPath expressions.
  • The XForms processing model related to refresh and submissions has been tuned.

Complete list of issues addressed in this release

See Release - Orbeon Forms 3.8.1 PE for the list of bug-fixes.

This is the list of 3.8.1.perf-specific changes:

Compatibility notes

Except where bug-fixes are introduced, this build is expected to remain compatible with Orbeon Forms 3.8.0 PE.