Alfresco Integration

This page is obsolete and available for historical purposes only.


NOTE: This feature is no longer available with Orbeon Forms 4.  If you have any interest, please contact us!

This is an Orbeon Forms PE feature.

Introduction and status

As of Orbeon Forms 3.8 (May 2010), Form runner has the ability to write XML data and PDF files to the Alfresco CMS when a form is sent with the workflow-send button.

Form Runner uses Alfresco's SOAP interface for this purpose.

Tighter integration could certainly be built through the Form Runner persistence interface. This is not implemented at this point. See this page for the persistence REST API.

NOTE: Some work was done by Alfresco to integrate Form Runner through the persistence API, see this August 29 2008 presentation. We are not sure of the status of this integration at the moment.


In your properties-local.xml file, you first need to tell the workflow-send button to send data to Alfresco:

<property as="xs:boolean" name="*.*"        value="true"/>

These properties control the connection to Alfresco's web services API:

<property as="xs:anyURI"  name="*.*"         value=""/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="*.*"    value="jdoe"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="*.*" value="secret"/>
<property as="xs:string"  name="*.*"        value="/app:company_home/cm:..."/>
<property as="xs:boolean" name="*.*"    value="true"/>
<property as="xs:boolean" name="*.*"    value="false"/>

The uriusername and credentials properties control the connection to the SMTP server.

The path property specifies the path with Alfresco.

The send-pdf and send-xml properties control whether PDF and/or XML versions of the form data are sent.

As usual, you can configure the wildcards in the properties to apply the property to a Form Runner application and/or specific form.

Note about Alfresco 4.0

As of 2011-11, users have confirmed that Alfresco integration works with Alfresco 4.0.a, with Orbeon Forms 3.9 or nightly builds, provided this patch is applied. Builds starting 2011-11-02 already include this patch.