Orbeon Source Code Repository

For more, see Building Orbeon Forms.


Where is the code?

Since July 2009, the source code for Orbeon Forms is available on GitHub instead of the older CVS repository:

The entire commit history since August 21, 2004 (when the project was open sourced) was migrated from CVS to git.

In addition, the following repositories contain changes made to third-party modules:

How can I contribute?

In order to contribute to Orbeon Forms, you need to do the following:
If you are an internal committer:
  • Orbeon adds you as collaborator to the main orbeon/orbeon-forms repository
  • Clone the repository with git clone git@github.com:orbeon/orbeon-forms.git
If you are an external contributor or you want to work with your own public repository copy:
  • Clone your own repository
  • Once changes are committed to your repository, you can send a pull request to orbeon. If you are new it's better to discuss your changes in the mailing-list first!
We are still new to git so any suggestions are welcome.

Build tags

Each Orbeon Forms nightly build or release is tagged in source code control with a version number including a time stamp. If you downloaded a binary build, or simply have a version number you can infer the tag:
  • orbeon-dev-post-
Earlier tag names (before July 2009) did not have "-" characters:
  • orbeon-
  • orbeon-dev-post-